Saturday, November 05, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Church of England reaches "tipping point" in ending discrimination against women as bishops

BREAKING NEWS (from clergy-colleague no-relation Michael Russell) ON WOMEN BISHOPS FOR THE CofE:
"I have been tracking the numbers and just confirmed with Simon Sarmiento that more than a majority of English dioceses have approved women Bishops and rejected the various "following" motions that would have limited their authority."
Champagne, anybody?


Simon Sarmiento said...

But this reaching of a majority, of 23 in other words, out of 44, a simple majority, was reached 2 weeks ago. What's the fuss about now??


Because this was the first I'd heard of it?


Seriously, if you could give us "Yanks" a quick "what this means" that would be great.

Ann said...

Episcopal Café posted it on 10/16 - but of course that was on a Sunday when everyone was in church!!


I guess we can file this under "you snooze, you lose" ... or something.

Anyway, good news, eh???

Ann said...

Oh yes - very good news! and glad you noted it --