Monday, November 07, 2011

Theological Reflection on Econmic Challenge: Bishop Gene Robinson on the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Just received word that Bishop Gene Robinson is scheduled to be a guest on the Rachel Maddow show this evening ... in the 9:45-10:00 portion of the show ... talking about religion and economics in general and the Occupy Movement in particular.

Here's a foretaste ... tune in tonight!

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LGMarshall said...

Gene Robinson paints a compassionate & intuitive picture of the driving forces behind Occupy Wall Street. But, his nuanced assessment has been totally lost on the Occupiers. As no one from their camp has said anything even close to what Gene expounded on -- which proves -- that his imaginings don't reflect Reality.

In the meantime, Conservative Christians, remain puzzled as to why Obama Admin promotes such cavalier lawlessness [1000+ arrests wastes $millions of your money --again].

It's barely worth mentioning, but OWS looks like Bedlam to me. [in 1347 AD, those from London's Bethlem Hospital, given license to beg.] However, it's now 21st Century 'Bedlam'... which means, noise, confusion, theft, pot smoking, drug dealing, sexual asault, terror, violence, Jew-hating. It's a petri dish. A public- health nighmare -- Tuberculosis, HIV, Herpes, AIDS, Gonorreah, Syphillis.We also notice dangerous cult teachings & techniques rule the day at OWS....(i.e., 'sing-songy repeat back to me' speeches, 'anti-leader' Leaders, pagan rituals, & yoga altars.)

Yet, The Progressive Church continues to be mute on those concerns. Why?

We all wish OWS well, and hope they can somehow get it together, harness some of their energy and put it to good use. But they are going to have to ....'FOCUS people!'