Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Grace in Action: 1775 Hours a Week

Here's the final installment of our stewardship season series here at All Saints Church in Pasadena ... where mission and ministry are alive and well:
Throughout the month of October we've told stories of the many ways All Saints has touched the lives of individuals in our church community. What does it take to make all this happen? Today we give you a glimpse "behind the scenes" - a look at how our 55 full-and part-time staff members put in 1,775 hours every single

And - for the record - we're still counting pledges but we're ahead of where we were last year at this point in both pledge numbers and dollars ... and Sunday night I will have 9 adults in my baptismal preparation class. All of this not to brag on my church (well, not ONLY to brag on my church :) but to give voice to those who are finding fertile ground for the Good News of God's inclusive love in the work and witness of the Episcopal Church.

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