Saturday, November 05, 2011

Huffington Post Platform

As readers of this blog know I pretty much have no unexpressed thoughts ... and a great many of them end up here. Or on Facebook. Or Twitter.

And now they're ending up on the Huffington Post ... which (I have to say, since I have no unexpressed thoughts!) ... is quite a high honor.

They've given me a "blogger platform" on the HuffPost ... and the current post ["A Thank-you Note to Kim Kardashian"] has attracted a very gratifying number of readers, sharers, likers, tweeters and commenters. It was a piece I pretty much dashed off as a follow up to a smart-alec comment I made at a Tuesday staff meeting ... a piece I wrote because the 20 minutes between the end of the aforementioned staff meeting and the upcoming vestry meeting didn't give me time to knock any of the various items off my "to do" list ... so I figured I'd might as well get this one off my chest.

Check it out here ... and stay tuned for any unexpressed thoughts -- coming soon to a blog near you!

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