Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baptism of Our Lord Sunday 2010 @ All Saints Church

I hear there are folks worried about the future of the church ... afraid that the challenges we face in living out the Gospel in the 21st century will overcome us ... that there will be nothing left of the church we inherited to pass on to those who come after us.

Ed Bacon offered a homiletic antidote for that anxiety this morning in his "Fear Not" sermon (you can watch it here.)
And I've got a pictoral antidote ... photos from today's "Baptism of Our Lord" celebrations at All Saints Church where we baptized 14 little people in three fabulous services.

Fourteen new members of the Body of Christ at All Saints Church, Pasadena ... hard on the heels of yesterday's seven new presbyters in the Church of God in the Diocese of Los Angeles.

So enjoy. Breathe. Rejoice with us. (And fear not!)

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