Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mark Harris is back!

One of my favorite bloggers/writers/poets is Mark Harris. His blog PRELUDIUM is one to bookmark and keep an eye on ... and today's post "The Prophetic Spirit and the Year of the Tyger" is an excellent case in point.

So on this Merry 12th Day of Christmas -- Happy 5th Day of the New Year -- here are some Mark Harris words of wisdom to brighten your day:

It is time to get on with the year, one which the Chinese zodiac has determined as the year of the Tiger 虎 . Maybe it is time for those of us who are progressive Anglicans to simply get on with our work, becoming a new invigorated community of Christians who are tiger-like in our bravery and willingness to be who we are.

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MarkBrunson said...

What a lovely chop mark!

Mine, both eastern and western zodiacs, is - appropriately enough - the goat.