Saturday, January 23, 2010

So Cal Snow Snapsots

I know, I know ... if you're in Rochester or Chicago or Duluth you're probably laughing at our idea of "snow" ... but for Southern California it's a pretty unique thing to have it at these elevations.

So out come the cameras ... QUICK before it melts!

View from my front porch

Love this palm tree against the snow capped mountains: Classic So Cal!

Row of palms on the street-below-my-street

It won't last long, but lovely while it does!
(Particularly at this nice, safe, no-shoveling-or-plowing-necessary distance!)


Elaine C. said...

I'll have to get from my mother her snow pictures from Des Moines ... the snow is falling there again, and it is already so deep and icy that it seems a nightmare ... of course, that is part because Mom is 82, and Dad is 87 ... so mountains of snow, and icy roads, sidewalks and drive-ways are pretty scary ... And bless their hearts because they braved the snow and ice to go to and from the airport to come to Ohio for their daughters installation as rector!!

john said...

I sent a link to these pictures to my Mother, who loved them.

This is the kind of snow I like - the kind that you can look at and even drive to if you want, but don't have to shovel!