Thursday, June 07, 2007

50,000 and counting ...

I have been deeply and honestly surprised to find out how many people wander over to this little blog of mine! I've joked that blogs are designed for people who have no unexpressed thoughts and want to make sure each and every one of them reaches the widest possible audience. That said, although I've been at this blogging thing for awhile now, it never occured to so many folks were dropping in until I added the blog counter in March.
And I was blown away when it went over 50,000 today!
So just a note to say thanks for coming along for the ride. More of my leave-no-unexpressed-thougths to follow ...


Anonymous said...

Wow Susan 50,000

On the other hand the old Titusonenine sitemeter shows 4,261,242 -- ie 4.2 million.

Aren't statistics fun.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

In today's busy world, there is no time to waste. People obviously come here because their time is not wasted. Indeed, they leave enriched



Wow ... thanks for fun-facts-to-know-and-tell about titusonenine. Aren't folks who want to just let you enjoy a moment fun?

Suzer said...

LOL! When I saw this last night, I just KNEW that the first comment to appear would be from one of our more conservative brothers or sisters saying "mine is bigger than yours."

Too funny.

Congrats, Susan. And to echo Elizabeth's comment -- I do indeed leave here enriched with what you offer. Keep up the good work!

bnichols23 said...

T19 has had 4.2 million "guests" since March? "Don't think so, Tim." :) Plus, comparing a place like that to a place like this isn't worth the gunpowpder it'd take to blow one's nose.

Hits are like heartbeats -- you're nothing without them, but it's what you do with them that counts.

Anonymous said...

While it is perhaps a skite thing, the statistics about titusonenine do raise one interesting thought --- that the size of the relative traffic may -- and I am only saying may -- reflect the size of the respective groups.

Is there any reason to expect that the conservative christian is more likely to log onto a blog site?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting, is it not, that at least some of your 50,000 visitors may be people referred here by links offered by the Rev. Kendall Harmon on his website.
I looked, but did not see a reciprocal link to his on this website.
I guess I wouldn't have made the same comment as the first person, but on the other hand I wouldn't have attacked them either.
Graciousness, I believe, is sadly lacking on both sides.
Like you Rev. Russell, I was a lifelong Episcopalian. Baptised in 1947 at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Encino. Raised in the church and attended St. Luke's of the Mountains (how's that for irony?) until I graduated from high school in 1965.
As one who completely disagreed with the 2003 decision, I - and my family - quietly departed the church for an Anglican continuing church in Michigan, which is thriving by the way.
Part of that "tiny" insignificant minority of the church that the new PB refers to.
We left because we believe you have the right to pursue whatever you want. And we have the right NOT to go with you.
I disagree with those on my side who are in a pitched battle with you, but I only wish that your stated "inclusiveness" included those lifelong folks who completely disagree with you.
The sarcasm and disdain with which orthodox members are treated by the wider church is truly non-Christian.
My wife and I remain friends with those we left behind in the Episcopal Church and we have never treated them with sarcasm or disdain.
I urge you and those to try a little respect.
From a sinner saved by God's grace,


Peter Carey said...

This is just amazing, wow, lots of surfing...I guess the beach boys were right, "everybody's surfin' surfin' usa!"


David said...

And you've got a picture of Sabrina to announcement it, too. (one of the oldest web comic characters out there...)

Yes, I AM "The Knowledge Box" - keeper of useless information :)