Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All Saints Church enters Nat'l Health Care Debate

“When we turn our backs to the sick we have turned our backs to God,” says All Saints rector, Ed Bacon
Continuing its long time commitment to engaging social justice issues, All Saints Church, Pasadena will open its doors to members of the community to participate in “40 Minutes for Health Reform” -- a national call-in and audio webcast on Wednesday, August 19 at 2 p.m. PDT featuring President Obama and faith leaders from across the country.

“Jesus repeatedly told his followers to ‘heal the sick,’ said the Reverend J. Edwin Bacon, rector of All Saints Church. “When we turn our backs to the sick we have turned our backs to God.”

Led by Faith in Public Life, 40 Days for Health Reform is an effort organized by the faith community – including the Episcopal Church, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Sojourners, the National Council of Churches in Christ, and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good -- to make clear to Congress that quality, affordable health care for every American family is a moral priority for millions of people of faith.

“This is a justice issue which President Obama will engage with religious leaders Wednesday. Our nation cannot be healthy until every one of us has health care,” Bacon went on to say. “All Saints Church, Pasadena, has a passionate interest in Health Care Reform because 47 million citizens are without health insurance. I am personally supportive of a public option that will offer an opportunity to all citizens to be covered just as U.S. employees, military personnel, veterans, and Medicare and Medicaid patients are covered by a government program.”

Members of the All Saints Church staff and parish will be available for comment following the webcast.

Click here for further information on “40 Days for Health Reform.”
For more information on the All Saints Church webcast, contact Amanda McCormick at 626.583.2765..

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