Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Let us hope it does not become widely known"

"Descended from the apes? Dear me, let us hope it is not true," exclaimed the wife of a 19th-century English bishop upon hearing of Darwin's new theory. "But if it is true, let us hope it does not become widely known."
Couldn't resist sharing this quote from a recent USA Today opinion piece on evolution ... pointing out how much a part of the English DNA "if we just don't talk about it, maybe it'll go away" may just to be!

[Posted from the airport in Las Vegas on my way to Bowling Green KY via Nashville to see my boys for the weekend.]


David |Dah • veed| said...

Godde speede!

(¡Dios mio! I do not like to fly!)

IT said...

BTW this inspired me to address the Francis Collins issue over at FoJ.

pasadenapio said...

Exactly why I don't have a computer at home. They'll never take me alive!

Joseph P. Mathews, OSL said...

I'm going to be in Bowling Green tomorrow night!