Tuesday, August 11, 2009

People of Faith Supporting Health Care Reform

Just for the record, I am "on vacation" from the job-I-love-that-pays-my-mortgage ... NOT "on vacation" from life or from caring about what happens to health care in this country.

I gotta tell ya -- (and yes, I realize I am quoting one of my favorite bishops) -- when we got back into cable-tv range and I flipped on the news and read Sarah Palin's latest rot-gut-baldface-lies about "Obama's death panels" ... well, let's just say it did nothing good for my blood pressure but lots for my resolve to get out there and be part of the solution to this decades old problem of screwed up health care in this country.

And clearly I'm not alone in the "fed up with the lies/time to get our voices out there" department:

The Episcopal Church is "on record" on this issue ... passing these two resolutions in Anaheim:

C071: Health Care Coverage for All
D048: Adoption of a "Single Payer" Universal Health Care Program

Read them. Mark them. Inwardly digest them. Forward them to your congressional representative. Write a Letter to the Editor. Show up at a Town Hall meeting. LET'S GET IT DONE!!

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JayV said...

Oh, good thanks for this reminder about TEC's action at GC.

Susan, this may be of interest to you, if you've not seen it already. From Religion Dispatches website: "What do Ann Hutchinson, Cesar Chavez, and Thurgood Marshall have in common? They might be erased from the social studies curriculum in Texas...and where Texas goes, so goes the rest of the country." Yes, Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court judge, civil rights leader and Episcopalian.
Not surprising (since I lived over 20 yrs in TX) - but a lot of people don't know it: They are the second largest orderer of textbooks in the US, so publishers try to adapt to Texas standards...
Here's the link:


The UFW has a petition you can sign:


Best to you - Jay