Monday, August 24, 2009

We missed an anniversary around here

Last week -- August 19th to be precise -- was the one-year anniversary of the arrival on our doorstep of Ms. Juno Brooks-Russell (AKA "Juno the Wilful.") from Husky Camp ... the doggie rescue org. that also brought us our Luna.

Here she is on "day of arrival" ... already staking out her spot on the doggie chaise:

And here she is a year later ... her big, beautiful husky/malamute mix self:

So happy anniversary, baby girl! We're all so very glad you came to join our family! (Well, at least the cat is learning to live with it! :)


Neil Houghton said...

Happy Woof Woof to You...If she's strait my friend in Sacramento has a perfect husband for her. She adorable!

IT said...

What a beauty. Very fierce and knowing expression: "Don't even THINK about it...!"

Pat Klemme said...

Juno looks so poised and self-assured this year. (Yes, I do own this chaise, thank you very much.) She is splendid!

susankay said...

What is it that our/my love of our dogs is intended to tell me/us about our love of God? I think it is that we love less well than He/She. Happy Woof.

Paul said...

She is gorgeous. THE dog of my life was a malamute-samoyed mix. How could I not love Ms Juno?