Monday, February 28, 2011

Canon Giles Fraser: "America is leading the way"

This one gets a "hat tip" to Kendall Harmon over at Titusonenine ... and it's a great window into just how different it is to be a CofE Anglican as opposed to a TEC Anglican. The "established church" nature of the Church of England comes through loud and clear in this interview ... and (in case we needed it, which we did NOT!) it's a great reminder why the separation of church and state was such a bloody good idea!

More later ... today is getting caught-up-on-what-didn't-get-done-because-of-vestry/staff retreat days away ... but check out the video ... and then (if your stomach is strong and you have your patience on!) ... go over and check out the comments on Titusonenine where the poor dears can NOT seem to let go of their obsession with what we "mean" when we say "monogamy." (They quit letting me comment over there a year-or-so ago, otherwise I'd weigh in and try to set the record [so-to-speak] straight ... again. Oh well ... off to the dry cleaners, the auto club and the grocery store instead!)

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