Saturday, February 05, 2011

+Katharine Gets White House Gig

Episcopal News Service
February 5, 2011

Presiding bishop to join Obama administration as advisory council member

By ENS staff

[Episcopal News Service] President Barack Obama announced Feb. 4 that Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori would be joining his administration as a member of the President's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service to the larger community in this way," Jefferts Schori said, according to a press release from the Episcopal Church's Office of Public Affairs. "The ability to build partnerships between civic and religious bodies can only expand our capacity to heal a broken world."

The council "brings together religious and secular leaders as well as scholars and experts in fields related to the work of faith-based and neighborhood organizations in order to make recommendations to the government on how to improve partnerships," a White House press
release noted, adding that the president will announce additional members at a later date. Each council serves a one-year term.

[Delighted to note that the new council also includes MCC's Reverend Nancy Wilson. Brava!]


Ann said...

So much for the naysayers who believe TEC is not a player anymore!

Martin T. said...

We're not,Ann, and by no means does this say we are. No other Christian denomination takes us seriously or even recognize us as fellow Christians. Hopefully the next PB will stand for the Christ, one that isn't afraid to say that ALL needs His saving grace. Every time I look at something by her, it's like watching a social activist announcement rather than something from a Christian bishop. Maybe that's the issue.


"No other Christian denomination takes us seriously or even recognize us as fellow Christians."

WOW! That's quite a statement.

NO other Christian denomination? Other than the Methodists ... with whom we're in a process of fuller communion ... or the Lutherans ... what with "Call to Common Mission" and all ... or Mennonite, Old Catholic, Presbyterian and other ecumenical partners.

I can think of a few bloggers and a couple of Fundamentalist-in-Primates-Clothing guys who don't recognize us as "fellow Christians" but come on, Martin. Even for YOU this is pushing the hyperbole to an uber-place that doesn't do much for your credibility on other subjects.

As for the social activist dig, you say that like it's a bad thing.

Presiding Bishop John Hines taught us that "Justice is the corporate face of God's love" when the Episcopal Church sent social activists to Selma. +Katharine didn't make it up. She's just emobodying the tradition for a new generation.

Thanks for stopping by.

LGMarshall said...

'Your Truth is different than my Truth.'-- KJS

'Your Truth is different than my Truth.' -- Obama.

Looks like two Community Organizers have found each other...

I'm sure some good deeds will get done-- but I agree with Martin T..... Bishop KJS' Church comes under the heading of 'Neighborhood Partnership'... Not 'Faith-based'.

And yes, non-denominational Christian Churches plus any Orthodox Christian Church [some Methodists, some Lutherans, some Catholics]... are incredulous when you tell them that TEC supports abortion rights, promotes pansexuality, teaches that there was no bodily Resurrection, and 'all paths' [Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, et al.] lead to Righteousness...

Martin T. said...

I'm sorry, I should have clarified myself. I'm talking about the Christian denominations that aren't splintering due to the ilk that is taking place in ours right now. There is only one Truth and only one path, and OUR primate can't even say it. Very sad indeed. So, what were you saying about credibility again?