Thursday, February 03, 2011

Musings from 35,000 feet

I'm on a plane ... Delta flight #2168 Minneapolis bound ... and kind of blown away by what you can get done on inflight these days. It's been a three hour flight ...we're on initial approach now (just told it's "minus 5" which I can hardly even imagine!) but in those three hours I've managed to:
  • Finish my power-point for the presentation I'm doing at Creating Change on Saturday morning
  • Get a work plan done for updating our data tracking process and get it approved by my supervisor. AND recruit a new member for that data tracking team.
  • Edit and approve a press release about Dr. Maher Hathout coming to address events in his Egyptian homeland in the All Saints forum this Sunday.
  • Organize a venue for the new member retreat in March, re-organize some logistics for our Welcome Table ministry and get info for a parishioner looking for a friendly parish in Sydney, Australia.
  • Find out that the Zach Wahls "Family Values" YouTube has "gone viral" (according to and is up over 1/2 million hits.
  • Check in with both my kids and send an update to the house/dog-sitter.
  • Pay the electric bill I thought I'd paid but missed on the 15th. (oops!)
  • And finally ... (Shhhhh!) ... bought an iPhone for Louise for Valentines Day.
Yep ... it's a brave new world. So thanks, Delta. And GoGo Inflight WiFi. And everybody who answered emails, followed up on things and kept the balls rolling. Time to restore tray tables and seat backs to their upright positions and sign off. Later, alligators!

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