Thursday, February 24, 2011

In the news ...

Today's going to be a busy day getting ready for our annual vestry/staff retreat where we'll be off campus for two days together -- welcoming new vestry members and working on program and budget issues for the year ahead. But here's a quick look at some of the news this morning on the still-happening marriage equality front:

Andrew Sullivan has what looks to me to be a great analysis of the legal implications of yesterday's White House DOMA policy shift. You can read that here --and I'm interested in what legal-beagle types think about his assessment.

USA Today has a piece in their online edition entitled "Gay marriage advances: Overdue justice or moral chaos?"Clearly I come down on the "overdue justice" side of the equation, and appreciated getting this quote in:

It is good news for those who support Family Values that Value All Families. And it is great news for those who are part of a growing Protect Marriage Movement committed to Protecting All Marriages... What the White House said today is that it is unconstitutional to defend some marriages and not others."
The article ends with this question:
THINK ABOUT IT: What difference does your neighbor's marriage make in your life? Are your marriage -- or divorce or live-together -- choices up for scrutiny?
You can follow this link to go weigh in if you've got a few minutes to spare.

Finally, I started the morning with an interview with Barbara Bradley Hagerty (one of my favorite NPR people!) on reactions to the DOMA decision as well as to the marriage equality momentum we're seeing. It's slated to air this afternoon on All Things Considered. Tune in if you have time! And now ... back to my regularly scheduled life!

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Will said...

"What difference does your neighbor's marriage make in your life? Are your marriage -- or divorce or live-together"

I want my neighbors to be secure in their abilities to honor their commitments to each other as they work towards creating lives that are larger than them as two individuals. I want the economic and emotional security of their children and family to be protected so that it may be nurtured into a living and thriving part of the community. I want this for Ted and Liz and their sons; I want this for David and Joel and their 3 children; I want this for Janet and Nancy; I want this for Bill and Alan; I want this for Ann and Bob. I want all committed and mutually respectful and willfully consenting marriages and partnerships to thrive so that these neighbors and my community can live into it's creation.

Oh my, I guess I just believe in old fashioned family values. I'm such a middle aged fuddy-duddy.