Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Two Cents on Today's DOMA Announcement

I was asked if I had any "comment" to make on today's White House announcement about DOMA and it turns out I did:
Today’s decision by the White House ordering the Justice Department to stop defending DOMA (the “Defense of Marriage Act”) is good news not just for same-sex couples who have been waiting for too long for the equal protection their Constitution guarantees them -- it is good news for all Americans who believe that liberty and justice for all really means “all.”

It is good news for those who support Family Values that Value All Families. And it is great news for those who are part of a growing Protect Marriage Movement committed to Protecting All Marriages.

What the White House said today is that it is unconstitutional to defend some marriages and not others. In my congregation we have been equally blessing same and opposite sex unions since 1992, we equally married same and opposite sex couples between June and November in 2008 and we presently decline to sign civil marriage licenses for any couples until we can once again sign them for all. We rejoice that today’s decision takes us another step closer to equally protecting all our families with the rights and responsibilities extended by federal marriage laws.

“We don’t believe that God discriminates against same sex couples and we don’t believe the federal government should, either.”
PS -- I'm taping an NPR interview tomorrow morning with Barbara Bradley Hagerty ... stay tuned on that one.

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Paul_B said...

In 2009, the president signed a law that made sexual orientation a protected federal class, in terms of the federal hate crimes law.

How would you feel if the next president said that he would not enforce that provision of the law (violence based on sexual orientation)because he felt it was unconstitutional?

We have three branches of government. One of them proposes laws, one of them passes laws, and one of them reviews their application.

The branch of government that proposes laws can not rule on their constitutionality. That's not the way our form of government works.