Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snapshots from Creating Change

Just a few snapshots from the "Creating Change" Conference in Minneapolis ... where I was delighted to have been invited to present a couple of workshops and have the chance to hang out with some of the real heroes (and "sheroes") of the LGBT movement.

This is us having JUST arrived (coat still on is clue!) at the Minneapolis Hilton and walked directly into a photo op with Mr. Pillsbury Doughboy Himself. (Boy howdy!)

Then there was a wander through the exhibit hall where we connected with Marianne Duddy-Burke -- the Executive Director of Dignity (the Roman Catholic LGBT advocacy organization) ... pictured here with Integrity Board members David Norgard and Susan McCann.

A new component of this year's Creating Change Conference was a "track" entitled "Practice Spirit: Do Justice" (that's what our workshops were part of) and on display were these stoles from "The Shower of Stoles Project" ... every one of them representing a vocation to ordained ministry denied to someone because of his or her sexual orientation or gender identity. What a terrible loss to the church and to the Gospel these represent!

This is Louise and me doing our "Telling Our Stories" workshop with about 20-some conference participants.

Friday evening we attended a service of Compline in rememberance of murdered Ugandan activist and Anglican David Kato.

Some organizers wondered if folks would turn out on a Friday night ... and obviously they did!

(Including MCC pastor Nancy Wilson who was just appointed to the White House faith council .. pictured here with Integrity's Albert Ogle.)

Speaking before and participating in the service were courageous Ugandan activists Frank Mugisha and Moses Mworeko. (Read my commentary on the service here.)

There was also the always great opportunity to hang out with people you only get to see at conferences, conventions and meetings. Here's Minnesotan Lee Ann Watkins with David Norgard.

Me with one of my favorite people on the planet: The Fabulous John Clinton Bradley.

With my friend Rebecca Voelkel ... Director of the Institute for Welcoming Resources and my colleague on the HRC Religion Council.

And last but certainly not least, with the brilliant Dr. Sharon Groves and the Fabulous Roland Stringfellow (who clearly got the "blue memo.")

Here endeth the snapshots. (Posted from Delta Flight 2477 just about exactly over the Arizona/Nevada border heading toward Henderson and then onto LAX.)

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