Monday, April 18, 2011

'Don't ask, Don't tell' should be repealed in our churches, families and communities too

A great piece by the Reverend Alberto Cutié ... (h/t Episcopal Cafe)

Although I am aware this repeal is controversial, especially in some ultra-conservative circles, I am sure it is the right thing for our government and military to do. Denial cannot be healthy for any organization - and to deny the presence, dedication and sacrifice of a good number of men and women in our military due to their sexual identity and orientation – is wrong. The time has come for other sectors of our society; starting with our families, churches and communities begin to consider their own repeals of "Don't ask, don't tell".

There are too many teenagers being bullied and attempting suicide because of the rejection and harshness they so often experience in places where they should be experiencing understanding and greater compassion; especially in their own families and religious institutions. There are too many churches that are preaching homophobia and practice exclusion; as if God did not love all of his children in the same way. What is even worse is that too many people are still unable to have intelligent conversations about issues of human sexuality, without almost immediately resorting to condemnations based on what they believe to be right for everyone.

Our churches should be leading the way to inclusion, acceptance and love of all people; regardless of what their particular situations might be. We too often forget the fundamental message of the Bible: God is love. Loving people do not discriminate, exclude or go out of their way to hurt others – not even when they think they are right!

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