Sunday, April 17, 2011

Meghan Daum answers the question "Why Sarah Palin doesn't get what she deserves"

You'll want to read the whole op-ed in today's L.A. Times here, but if you're in a hurry, here's the punch-line:
Palin is too well-shielded by her own incompetence. By casting herself as the less privileged, less polished outsider in the fancy school, she fashions the rest of us into playground bullies (ironic, given her predilection for bullying language) who taunt her with big vocabularies and book learning and obsession with nuance. By playing the victim (ironic, given how closely she associates victimhood with liberal whining), Palin forces her critics to choose between the roles of merciless oppressor and guilt-ridden enabler. And since the merciless oppressor part is already played ably by various screamers on blogs, cable TV and Internet comment boards, writers like me have taken the other route, leaning over so far backward to avoid saying the obvious that we sometimes can't get enough air in our lungs to say much at all.
h/t John Anderson of Episconixonian


LGMarshall said...

We Conservative/Christian minded Americans... are bemused at the Media as they writhe and squirm... even still.

We ALL KNEW that she wasn't Presidential material... why were you sweating bullets?

3+ years later, -you are still flummoxed. And that give us no little amount of satisfaction.

Since day #1, she was divisive, [we see that as a good thing], when she, nearly an unknown, [except, I do remember that Vogue Magazine did a photo/editorial of her] beautiful, & an original, walked on stage, and nailed it.

She called Obama like she saw him --'A Community Organizer.' A term that still resonates today with Lefts, Rights & Moderates alike.

Palin, a successful woman on all counts, long-term marriage, a mother of 5, having one son in the Military, and one son, at the time -- a Down's Syndrome infant.

Yet, because she professed Jesus Christ as Saviour, Sarah Palin immediately [but covertly] drew ire from Left wing Feminists. How dare she point out to them their decades long immoral actions! [You have to give her some credit for instigating change, even though it's change you don't agree with: Abortion Supporters will never recover.]

While she may not be educated enough or well spoken enough...
we know why why she irritates you, even frightens you.

Meghan Daum's shredding of Ms. Palin, actually, a diatribe -- is remarkable in it's bitterness.

Just exactly what did Palin do that was so horrible? Oh yeah, she united a significant majority of Americans in agreement, God, Country, Family. Change you can Believe In.

uffda51 said...

Palin “nailed it?”

If you mean the un-Christian politics of Ayn Rand, which means tax breaks for the Koch brothers, unfunded endless wars, demonizing working people, shipping jobs off shore, and raising taxes on the blind, then yes, she and the party of “America First” have certainly nailed it.

“Successful on all counts?” Except for the part about quitting her job half way through, despite the oath of office she swore on the Bible. Successful at wearing ignorance like a badge of honor? Yes.

My aunt was a community organizer. She was also a missionary, the wife of a Lutheran pastor who raised four kids, and from Texas. She dedicated her life to the most famous of all community organizers – Jesus. What exactly is the complaint against community organizers? Perhaps we can get a clue from some of the illiterate racist comments from Palin supporters posted in response to the Daum op-ed.

Daniel Weir said...

Jesus was a community organizer and Pilate was a governor.


Good reminder, Daniel. Here's another one:

Q. What's the difference between Pilate and Palin?

A. Pilate finished his term as governor.

MarkBrunson said...

Apparently, all Palin's minions tend to the self-martyring whinging, too. Pity it doesn't work where people tell the truth.