Friday, April 08, 2011

A few notes at the end of an "All Politics All Day" Day

It was all politics all day ... and since I was home today I didn't miss a single ugly bit of it.

Hi. I'm Susan. I'm a wonk.

The backs and forths, the spin and the swirl -- all to come up with a last ditch, eleventh hour (make that 11:59) effort to keep the government from shutting down. The pundits kept saying there was little hope for compromise when the leadership couldn't even agree about what they were disagreeing about! NOT a great "proud to be an American" kind of day, to say the least.

However, anybody who doesn't think this fight today wasn't about defunding Planned Parenthood wasn't getting the emails I get from conservative PACs who have been pushing for WEEKS to make that a priority on the Hill. Exhibit A -- from something called "OneNewsHour:"

"In the art of negotiation, it's always wonderful when the people who are going to be at that negotiating table say [that] your issue -- defunding of Planned Parenthood -- is not negotiable," she expresses. "We just say no to any of our tax dollars going for Planned Parenthood." Musgrave -- a former member of the U.S. House -- is encouraged by Boehner's comments and those of other lawmakers.

"The leaders in the House are also signaling that they're not going to go for any more Continuing Resolutions," she adds. "And we pro-life people around this country are very happy that these leaders are staying true to their promise to not use our tax dollars for the funding of the largest abortion-provider in this country, Planned Parenthood."

Well, they lost that one.

And the Tea Party tweeters are tweeting away that Boehner has "sold them out" by dropping the defunding of Planned Parenthood to get the 7-Day spending bill through.

This is the "damned by faint good news" version of "damned by faint praise." Time to call it a day. And a night. What a mess!

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