Tuesday, September 15, 2009

And the survey said:

Just got this email from my representative -- Adam Schiff -- with a poll on the president's health care speech last week. Kind of interesting:

Last week, President Obama addressed Congress and laid out a road map to move forward with health care reform. Did his speech change your views on health care reform?

I was not supportive of health care reform before the speech, but I was impressed with what the President had to say and think he's on the right track.

I was supportive of health care reform before speech, and I continue to support the President’s plan.

I don't think our country’s health care system needs reforming, and this is the wrong approach anyway; nothing the President said changed my views in any way.

I was supportive of health care reform before the speech, but I am less supportive now; he is compromising too much and the reform is becoming too watered down.

I am a single-payer fan, and don't support any other approach.

I am opposed to socialized medicine and believe this is where the President wants to go.

I don't know.


Bateau Master said...

I'm worried about the 46% and anyone else that supports the "President's Plan", because there isn't one. His has articulated his "Plan" about as well as GWB articulated post invasion plans for Iraq. Time now to put aside strategic dreams and to bring in the tactical wonks, and give us a plan to review and debate and figure out if we want it or not.

Sandy said...

President Obama doesn't have a bill because it is the job of congress to produce legislation.

Reform is never easy, and will likely come piecemeal rather than in one sweeping wave of change. It will be hard to get any reform at all, with all the fear-mongering lies the insurance companies... oh.. sorry... I meant to say the GOP... are floating out there for the ever-gullible masses to swallow whole.

I truly hope something is done. We lost our health insurance when my partner lost her job two years ago. I managed to accrue $30,000 worth of hospital bills this summer as the result of a four day hospitalization. We have just about decided that rather than throw our family and one another's future under the cloud of financial ruin, if another major illness should happen, it will just go untreated so that there are no more hospital bills like these.

We really feel that we shouldn't have to be forced to make decisions like these.