Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The word is out: Being Episcopalian is a GOOD thing! :)


Bailouts and Stimulus packages said...

Only if you like spending all your money on a BMW while people starve


Hmmm ... I drive an 1986 Volvo.

What's your point?

Bailouts and Stimulus packages said...

(This is the same person I just changed my Blogg name to Mitchell)

I was attending St. Paul's (ironic name)Episcopal Church here in Murfressboro TN. And I couldn't help but notice as I walked through the church doors one sunday morning a $90,000 thousand dollar car sitting right next to me. Now I could geuss because I am a statistics student, that most people that attend the Episcopal church are well off. Hench the tolerance for LGBT people and all the PH.Ds, but I still think that they could be a little "less inclusive" when it comes to all those damn Episcopal church stickers on the backs of those $90,000 cars. Christ would roll over in her grave!

Mitchell said...

Didn't mean to offend with the Christ comment but why are so many people in the Episcopal Church unconcerned with social justice?

And here in Murfreesboro, the Baptist outproform the Episcopals in any type of community service. I guess because they take the Bible literally unlike their Episcopal neighbors which might be bad for LGBTs. It has its good and bad sides I guess.