Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Faith & Our Future

by Bishop J. Jon Bruno

[From this month's "Angelus" -- the clergy newsletter of the Diocese of Los Angeles.]

I'm excited about the Diocese of Los Angeles. I have great trust in its people and the processes that order our common life.

An exemplary job has been done by the Search and Nominating Committee for two bishops suffragan. We have a very balanced list of candidates who are all skilled and capable of doing an excellent job.

I feel blessed that we had more than 50 people who chose to allow their names to stand for nomination. The committee did wonderful work in narrowing the list by increments - knowing the criteria and job description for the final candidates - and in doing so selected the absolute best candidates possible.

I thank everyone who allowed his or her name to stand for examination. Personally, I know it was probably difficult for some who did not make it to the final list. They deserve our admiration and our thanks.

I look forward to the Diocesan Forum with the Candidates on September 19 at Campbell Hall, and I want to urge all of you in this Diocese to take an active part. (Advance registration is requested through the diocesan web site.) Come listen to the candidates. Each will be given an opportunity to meet you and in smaller groups share time with all of you.

If we can trust in our God and the process, I'm sure that we will elect two bishops suffragan who will not only meet but also exceed the expectations of the call. This is the beginning of our future - it's coming a decade after my election to serve as bishop of the Diocese, and I'm looking forward to starting afresh with these two new colleagues.

We have a plan for the future, and it includes working toward re-incorporating into our Diocese the four congregations whose members voted five years ago to break away from our Church. When the new bishops suffragan are on board, we will invite them into the leadership of deciding where we go in the future in this process.

No matter what, we are always open to reconciliation. I've been contacted by several of the clergy who left the Diocese who've asked to be reinstated. I am evaluating with my fellow bishops and leadership of this Diocese how we can be of service in providing reconciliation.

I'm looking forward to the future of unity, harmony and growth.

+J. Jon Bruno

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David said...

God bless you John Bruno, you're a real and radiant gift to our Church

Tank-you Susan for sharing this