Friday, September 18, 2009

Hooray! It's Dio Dodger Day!!

Tonight is the once-a-year opportunity to gather with colleagues from all over the Diocese of Los Angeles and share the outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual baseball fandom ... over-priced beer and bad-for-your-arteries Dodger Dogs at beautiful Dodger Stadium!

In my family, it's a tradition that goes WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back ...

[Yes, this would be my now-27-year-old Blackhawk Helicopter Crew Chief son suited up for an early pilgrimage to Baseball Holy Land. And no, he doesn't read my blog so it's OK that I'm posting his baby pictures ... again!]

There's another great photo somewhere of both boys with the foul ball they caught one year during batting practice -- and a piece from The Episcopal News with a photo of Brian getting then-Bishop of Los Angeles Fred Borsch to sign the ball for him, but couldn't find them at the moment.

So let's settle for this brief , more recent walk down Dodger Memory Lane ... me with Bishop Jon Bruno (2007, I think ...)
Bonnie & Wendy enjoying the game ...

And the fabulous Mary Bruno (AKA Mrs. Bishop) and friends -- keeping watch over her Dodger Flock by Night.

So off we go tonight. Dodgers vs. Giants. The saga continues! Film at Eleven ...


PS -- And stay tuned for news from TOMORROW ... when we reconvene with our Diocesan family to get our first look at the six candidates for bishop suffragan ...

... @ the "dog and pony show" event at Campbell Hall in North Hollywood. More on that to come! :)

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Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

I think the best candidate by a longshot is Mother Diane. She knows the Diocese and its issues. She's bilingual and high-church. She's very smart and compassionate. She would be a gift to the House of Bishops and the Church Catholic.