Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Groundbreaking Study on how U.S. conservatives have exported homophobia to Africa

This is SOOOOO not "breaking news" to anyone who has been part of working for justice for LGBT folk in the Anglican Communion over this last decade-plus but it IS confirmation of what we've been saying all along!

Read. Mark. Learn. Inwardly digest. And then ACT!

A groundbreaking investigation by Political Research Associates (PRA) discovered that sexual minorities in Africa have become collateral damage to our domestic conflicts and culture wars. U.S. conservative evangelicals and those opposing gay pastors and bishops within mainline Protestant denominations woo Africans in their American fight.

Read the "Executive Summary" here.
The full report is here.
Find out more about the anti-gay bill pending in Uganda here.
Check out where RICK WARREN fits into the picture here.


uffda51 said...

Eye-opening stuff.

Homosexuality is a “purely Western phenomenon?”

Successes by the American progressive churches in the area of LBGT equality are evidence of an “encroaching gay conspiracy?”

These statements share the same “truthiness” as “Obama was born in Kenya” and “Death panels will kill your grandmother.”

Sadly, lots of people today believe whoever has the biggest (and best funded) megaphone.

Hiram said...

Before I say anything else, I want to say that the law concerning same-sex sexual activity under consideration in Uganda is an unjust law and should not be passed.

That being said, I will go on to say that it is true that the conservatives of North America and the leaders of the Global South are working together to oppose the normalization of same-sex sexual activities in the church and in society at large. However, this study (not done by a neutral party) makes it sound as though the churches of Africa were merrily going about their business, totally neutral about sexual morality, until the Big Bad Conservatives of North America came along and with money and various verbal tricks recruited the Africans to support them.

The truth is that the African churches have long been conservative on these matters. They were also very concerned about the conditions of their people and sought a variety of development projects and funds to help their people with education, health care, etc. But when the progressives of North America made strides in their goals of normalizing same-sex sexual activities and in their revisions to classic Christian doctrines, the African leaders and the North American conservatives were concerned and informal ties of fellowship became more formal ties of working together to preserve historic doctrines and morality.

This report seems to be another example of progressives thinking that when they work together, it is good organization and the skilled use of politcal procedures, but when conservatives work together, it is a conspiracy.

As for truth-telling and funding - yes, conservative foundations are inclined (shockingly enough) to support conservative action groups. And conservatives simply point out the implications of what the progressives are doing and teaching.

Progressive action groups are not supported by the ten-dollar donations of a multitude of "little people." The Arcus Foundation has given over $500,000 to Integrity, the Consultation, etc, as well to other progressive action groups in other denominations. I imagine that other foundations also support such work, plus, demographically, those with same-sex attraction often have a higher than average income. And I observe that when conservatives make an inch of progress toward their goals, the progressive blogs are filled (pretty loudly, it seems to me) with anger and angst, as though the world were about to end.

Just Me said...

I'm gonna have to agree with comment #2; every "activist" group push their "agenda". That's kinda what makes them activists.

Every group has every right to do so. Every individual has the right to listen to whomever they want to and believe whatever they are inclined to believe.

Violence is never okay; no one's rights trump anyone else's.

uffda51 said...

Thanks, Hiram, for putting forth the conservative position – once again. Since you oppose the Ugandan legislation you apparently draw the line at executing LGBT persons for being LGBT, so I guess that makes you a “compassionate” conservative.

Conservatives always insist that they are not bigoted and/or homophobic. They are simply the defenders of “classic” doctrine. Then they put forth wildly untrue, bigoted, and homophobic ideas to bolster their position, never acknowledging the real-world effects of their hate speech.

IT said...

The lies told by the American conservatives in Uganda are breathtaking. Their main exponent considers that the gays were responsible for the HOlocaust.

Hiram said...

Tell you what, Uffda - if you take responsibility for what goes in "cruising" and in the gay bathhouses, I'll take responsibility for violent actions against those with same-sex attraction.

I do not condone violent actions or speech against those with same-sex attraction, and when I speak in public about it (usually in small settings and usually impromptu, not arranged) I always say that while I believe that same-sex sexual activity is contrary to God's plan, it is also contrary to God's plan to seek to harm, physically or verbally, those who have same-sex attraction.

Saying that God regards same-sex sexual activity as wrong is not "hate speech." I can appreciate, however, that it is not pleasant to hear on your part.

uffda51 said...

Hiram, your profile states that you are a member of the clergy. So because you have chosen to literalize a handful of Bible verses out of context, you claim to know the mind of God? All of us were taught the same passages. Many of came to believe differently.

We studied the work of biblical scholars, we listened to medical professionals, and, most importantly, we listened to the witness of the LGBT faithful. The “love the sinner, hate the sin” mantra, as though there is a middle ground between prejudice and oppression, does not absolve those who use it from responsibility for creating an atmosphere in which hateful crimes are committed. I can appreciate, however, that it is not pleasant to hear on your part.

As for what I assume you are referring to as promiscuous gay sex, are you suggesting that no heterosexuals indulge in promiscuous behavior? Have you seen Hugh Heffner’s cable TV show? Further, are you seriously claiming that sexual promiscuity and homophobic violence are equal transgressions? And I’m really unclear why you feel that I should “take responsibility” for bath house sex. Are you assuming that I’m gay because I follow this blog?

MarkBrunson said...

You know, saying that Allah sees Christianity as wrong is not hate speech, though I know it might be something you don't want to hear.

IT said...

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -
-- Mahatma Gandhi

Seriously, uffda, you know that Hiram thinks gay bathhouses and promiscuity define gay relationships. That's it to him. And he says that here in Susan's house. Astonishing. The sad thing is what he does to any young GLBT person under his spiritual care.