Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NPR Connects the dots between American Evangelicalistas & Ugandan Homophobia Bill

Author Jeff Sharlet was the guest on NPR's "Fresh Air" today.

The 'breaking news' in the NPR broadcast was the direct link Sharlet was able to make -- by "following the money" -- between "The Family" (a fellowship of powerful Evangelical Christian politicians) and the leadership in Uganda sponsoring the proposed draconian anti-homosexuality law.

Both Ugandan Legislator Bahati (who proposed the new law) and Buturo (the Ugandan Ethics and Morality Minister) are part of "The Family" and they (and President Museveni) receive money from this Washington group.

Listen to the whole thing at here: and resign yourselves to not having heard the last of THIS one.
La lucha continua!

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