Monday, November 30, 2009

So how do you end up in Congress ...

... without mastering the concept that equal protection is more than "an interesting concept?"

Check out this excerpt from the interview with Senator James Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) in this week's New York Times Sunday Magazine:
Inhofe: Can you tell me one reason to close Gitmo?

NYT: Because it’s on foreign soil, where prisoners don’t have the same legal rights as prisoners tried here, and we want to apply the same laws to everybody.

Inhofe: You want to apply the same laws to terrorists that are captured as you do to criminals in America?

NYT: Yes.

Inhofe: Wow.

NYT: Because we have to take the high road as Americans.

Inhofe: I see. That’s an interesting concept.


Yeah ... "interesting concept" is one way to put it. Another way is "one of the core values of the American democracy ya'll keep talking about exporting to the rest of the world." Maybe they don't "hate us because we're free" after all Senator Inhofe. Think about it!

And -- oh yeah -- this would be one of those senators who are part of "The Family" Jeff Sharlet writes about ... the ones who are emeshed in the anti-homosexuality legislation in Uganda ... as reported this very night by Rachel Maddow:

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1 comment:

Michel S. said...

This would be the same Senator who skipped a Burma hearing with the Assistant Sec of State, to hold an anti-environmentalist press event in which he gave us the reassurance of the Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture that God is taking care of the weather?

It would appear that Sen. Inhofe's idea of democratic practice is as warped as his idea of religion... *and* science. I would not be too surprised to see Palin winning the Oklahoma primary, at this rate.