Saturday, November 21, 2009

Think you already know enough about being a Christian not to want to be one?

So here's my (kindergarten level graphics!) stab at an ad for TEC ... focusing on the good news we have to offer and focused toward those who have had every reason to be too disgusted by what they know about Christianity to want to bother with it.


Unknown said...

Yes, I do. And this poor excuse for an ad makes it seem as if Mainline Protestantism is becoming desperate to keep bodies under the age of 55 coming through the doors.
I don't need to sing "We are marching in the light of god" to think clearly. Why should I run twice as fast and stay in the same place? This ad doesn't make a single rational argument.

Mitchell said...

* "Where God's inclusive love is available to all." (except conservatives)

* "Where the focus is on justice, not judgement." (except for conservatives)

* "Where the family values we preach value ALL families." (except for conservative families)

TEC welcomes you! (And your BMW!)


Mitchell ... get some therapy and work through whatever this BMW obsession is. (And for the record, all the above apply to "conservatives" ... and by that I assume you are referring to those who end up feeling excluded because they're diasgreed with about who ELSE should be included. Apples and oranges.)

Brian ... lots of folks live content and productive lives without being part of a community of faith. Frankly, if that's "you" then you're not my "market share." Others yearn to be part of something bigger than themselves, explore the spiritual, challenge the theological and work together putting their faith a God who created us in love in action making that love tangible in the world.

That's who this ad is for. Those who "gave up" on church because it was narrow, judgmental, exclusive, etc.

Finally, thanks for the best "tag line" of all ... "This ad doesn't make a single rational argument."

No. No it doesn't. Great catch.

Mitchell said...

Your a VERY sweet women Susan.

As a student of psychology, I am convinced that this is not a rational disagreement about who is excluded but more of a cultural failing.

A CORRECTION: TEC welcomes you and your Range Rover!

IT said...

Huh. Over the last two weeks we have attended two different Episcopal parishes, each shoulder to shoulder at the main Sunday Service, with the pews full, with kids running around. The BMW class is conspicuously missing. Mitchell, a newcomer to our fair blogsite, seems to have an agenda that is....rather different from that which I witness.

john iliff said...

Especially if one is an "unchurched" Christian (or a family) deeply wounded by experiences in the various American churches; an ad of this type may indeed speak to that profound loss. I can see alienated Roman Catholics - and others - taking a second look at a truly welcoming faith community. (Been there, myself) Good job!

MarkBrunson said...

You're a student of philosophy one moment, Mitchell, then a student of psychology the next. What a Renaissance man!

They tended to make up the map as they went along, too, during the Renaissance.

Pat Klemme said...

The reason we don't have ads like yours and that of Holy Apostles (NYC)is because the only places where they are true are All Saints, Pasadena and Holy Apostles.

Sad to say, many parishes and even diocese still value the status quo. Many continue to subtly discriminate even while mouthing genteel platitudes about this GC's lgbt friendly resolutions.

We can't truly say "The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" while some places still really don't welcome us.

I'll happily march in the Light of God at the Integrity Eucharist, but I'm still not going to an Episcopal Church in Arizona.

Unknown said...

Mitch, you're not only obsessed, you're obsessed & wrong; everybody knows that Mainline Protestantism is the Volvo Vote. BMWs are much too showy for a group that prides itself on restraint in displays of wealth.
If you want to obsess, at least do some basic research along the way.

Mitchell said...

Dear Ms. Klemme,

A advisment.

* You might want to renounce your faith now. So that you don't have to spend enternity with JERRY FALWELL! Think about it. If you can't even go to a Episcopal church in Arizona (which is liberal) Think of all the other christians that you will have to spend ETERNITY with. Scary!

This reminds me of the Atheist Madalyn Murray O'Hair who said, "if most christians went to heaven and found out that there were black people there, Oh what and exodus there would be."

MarkBrunson said...

I also note that Mitchell completely disregards what we've told him about ourselves and our congregations, as well.

Very clearly, Mitchy has an agenda.

Unknown said...

The use of dark grey is also depressing; having a guy sitting and contemplating looks intellectual, but it's so famous that it's probably become a cliche.