Friday, April 16, 2010

Bishop-elect Glasspool profiled in NEWSWEEK

Nice piece in Newsweek about our bishop-elect, which included these quotes from our Presiding Bishop:
Was the selection of Glasspool, then, an act of defiance? "It's not in defiance of anything ... People have made their decision carefully, with abundant consideration for impact on others but also out of a sense that they deeply feel is correct," the Presiding Bishop said.
"We claim a faith that has a vision of what civilization ought to look like, called the reign of God, or the kingdom of God. When current reality is dramatically divergent from that vision, most of us feel it's our responsibility to advocate for a different vision," she told me.
Read the rest here ... and give thanks for a church moving forward into God's future!


Betty-Jo said...

An act of intelligence, not one of defiance!!!!

Malcolm+ said...

I think, frankly, that those who view this as defiance are reading things into it that just aren't there - and if the Primate's feel defied, it has more to do with their own overweaning egos.

Frankly, I doubt very many electors in the Los Angeles convention that elected Mary Glasspool really thought much at all about what enraged Primates in the two-thirds world thought. I rather expect they were more focused on which of the candidates would make the best bishops.

dr.primrose said...

Actually not many electors in Los Angeles (of which I was one) really gave much thought to the fact that she was in a same-sex relationship. I heard very little comment that she should be elected, or should not be elected, because of that.

She was elected because she is a very impressive person with gifts and experience that a lot of people thought the diocese needed. That's really it.

This diocese has quite a number of priests in same-sex relationships in which both the priest and the partner have valuable ministries, both at the parochial and diocesan level. This hasn't been a big deal here in a long time.

If others want to obsess -- in a way that is dysfunctional and morbid -- about the relationship between her and her partner, that's really their problem.

And if I read one more new article that seems to think Glasspool's first name is "Lesbian," I'm going to scream!!

Göran Koch-Swahne said...

I do think she will be a great bishop!

nycjoe said...

Other than referring to the Archbishop of Canterbury as our "superior," I think it is a great article...very touching. Congratulations, Diocese of LA!