Sunday, April 18, 2010

It was a beautiful "Earth Day" in the neighborhood ...

... and so here are some photos from our celebration this morning in Pasadena at All Saints Church on this Sunday-closest-to-Earth Day.

There's always a lot of activity on the lawn but today -- in addition to our regularly scheduled ministries (which you'll see represented here) -- there were a fabulous assortment of tables focused on sustainability and our stewardship of creation.

In the Rector's Forum was Connie Domino ... bringing her "Law of Forgiveness" message to a packed house inside and to gathered crowds on the lawn watching via video feed.
The rector preached a great sermon -- which you can watch here -- and a good time was had by all on this Third Sunday of Easter 2010. So sit back and enjoy this little peek in to just another beautiful day in the All Saints neighborhood!

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