Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Christianity & Sexuality" @ UC Davis this week

I'm honored to be heading up to Sacramento this afternoon to be part of this UC Davis Campus Ministry program.

From their website: On April 20-22, 2010, the Belfry will host a 3-day-long conference, “Christianity and Sexuality”, at UC Davis. The goal of this conference is to show college students that there is another side to the religious conversation on homosexuality and sexuality in general.

We want to show real-life experiences of how some churches and their parishes have acted inclusively towards the LGBT community. We also want to discuss Christianity’s varying opinions on gender roles in the church, marriage, dating, etc. Overall, we hope to foster a respectful and intellectual discussion with and for students about these on-going issues that are prevalent in many churches across America.

"Film at eleven" as they say.


JCF said...

It was Episcopal Campus Ministry at UC Davis (they hadn't yet joined w/ the Lutherans) which first BLEW MY MIND re sexuality, nearly 30 years ago!

[To make a long story short, anti-gay Christian crusaders came to preach AT the campus, in the Quad, one Spring afternoon. At my Episcopal Campus Group that same evening, two of our members Came Out (one male, one female). This was 1981, and I had never spoken to a Real Live lesbian and gay man before.]

I know you'll do us proud, per usual, Susan!

Julia said...

I heard your comments tonight at UCD tonight. Thanks so much for coming to Davis. For me, this issue was settled long ago but I attended with a young woman who is just discovering a progressive church and a way to be true to what she knows to be true and to be Christian. Once disillusioned with the literal approach it is so important for people to know that there is a church for the rest of us!


Thanks so much, Julia. It was a great treat to be here and be part of the conference.

netterjb said...

I know that three of my former high schoolers attended the event and are now relooking at their paradigms for the first time. Thank you for being a part of something that allowed kids I've been praying for several years to see that you can be homosexual and a follower of Christ too.

I finally saw "For the Bible Tells Me So" on Sundance recently. Next to "Jesus Camp" it was one of the films that showed what is going on honestly by their own actions and beliefs. And this comes from someone how has worked in Evangelical churches (though still a part of a the ECUSA).