Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It's called "Not your typical Episcopal Church ..." and I'll let it speak for itself ... this blog reflecting on what it meant to grow up at All Saints Church in Pasadena:

Growing up, I have gone to one church in my life, All Saints Church in Pasadena, California. I remember on Sundays we would go to the service, I would go to Sunday School, and it was a happy place. The church community fed the homeless, started AIDS ministries in the 80's, had something called "Reverse the Arms Race" (as a child I had no clue what the arms race was) and took a pro-choice stand for women's rights. The head priest, George Regas spoke out against war and violence, and caring for the environment. I grew up believing that Jesus Christ died for me, and that through grace, and grace alone, was I saved. A good Christian was socially concious ...

I thought this was what churches did. Boy was I wrong!!!I thought this was what churches did. Boy was I wrong!!! I went to a christian high school. Gays were not tolerated, you only voted republican if you called yourself a christian and for national defense, using nuclear weapons was the only acceptable method of ideology. I can't tell you how many heated discussions I unknowingly entered because I thought different from other Christians.

I still think my church 'gets it.' We did gay marriages back in the early 90's, and endured protesters with 'God Hates Fags' signs. We rallied for voting no on the recent Prop 8. We still have a stand on pro-choice, and women's rights. Yes, we had people protesting our view on pro-choice. We have gay families, men that adopted special needs children from China or Mexico, and they are the most amazing loving parents. Those kids are the most loved, protected kids I have ever seen. After the riots in Los Angeles, our church went into Watts, and had joint services with a church in Watts, and both churches sent our teen groups on a retreat each year to 'bridge the gap' and heal race relations. Amazing! That is what people in my church do, and that is what I think Christians should do.

Read the rest here ... while I go give some big old thanks for the privilege of doing what I do where I do it!

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