Thursday, July 01, 2010

More on Mitregate: Well, at least it wasn't "personal"

Just came across this little tidbit over on Episcopal Cafe ... in a response from a Lambeth Palace spokescanon regarding the mitregate controversy.
The agreed approach of the English bishops is that women bishops celebrating under these provisions should do so without the insignia of episcopal office so as to avoid possible misunderstandings.
Hmmm ... so it's NOT about +Katharine -- it's about WOMEN. And misunderstandings.

I guess that's supposed to make us feel better. And I guess it's not working.

And we don't even have to get started on the systemic sexism in the CofE to figure out WHY it's not working -- we can jump right to a "misunderstanding" pointed out over on Bosco Peters blog ... where it looks like the "agreed approach" about women bishops and "insignia of episcopal office" isn't so widely agreed upon after all -- and didn't Bishop Mary Gray-Reeves look fetching in her mitre at Gloucester Cathedral last week?


Elaine C. said...

In 2010, in a nation with a Queen, whose Prime Minister was a woman -- the idea that it so horrendous to have women in leadership is hard to explain ... the C of E really seems to be the most entrenched collection of backward looking extremists.

Terri said...

oh, yes. now I feel soooo much better...(looks into the hole that just gets deeper the more Lambeth says about it...)

Kit said...

Will Rogers was right about holes and when to stop digging .... *sigh*