Monday, July 05, 2010

What Bruce said

Love this comment from "Bruce" on my 4th of July postcard:
While we are in communion with Canterbury, we have always been and still are an abberation in the Anglican Communion, since our very existence came from rebellion to the English Crown, whereas the other provinces of the Communion developed within the framework of English colonialism. We are, in fact, the reason there is an Anglican Communion, as opposed to a worldwide Church of England, and Parliament had to change the law of the land to effectuate the consecration of the first American bishops to resolve an issue that was not a problem with the first Canadian or Australian bishops.

We should not discount or belittle our historic connections to Canterbury. Neither should we forget that our forebears, both in politics and religion, took enormous personal risks to blaze a new pathway for themselves and, 234 years later for us, both in politics and religion.

Happy Independence Day!
Indeed! And the risks continue and the rewards are great.
Meanwhile, over on Facebook, the "Anglican Resistance Movement" ... begun from a hotel room in Paris and described as "for those who are not willing to sit by and let ANYONE throw out the baby of historic Angican comprehensiveness with the bathwater of hysteric Anglican politics" ... now has 2588 members:
We are Anglicans united in our commitment to the historic comprehensiveness of Anglicanism and in our resistance to "a process of excluding those Provinces of the Communion most committed to the visible inclusion of all Anglicans in the life of the Church.

This process and the proposed Anglican Covenant are not building unity, they are turning disagreement into institutionalised disunity - even inventing mechanisms of exclusion to facilitate the process. "
Yes, the beat goes on and la lucha continua -- long live the Revolution!

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