Friday, July 30, 2010

What a total bummer!

The last thing I needed this summer was something ELSE to boycott, protest, write-letters-about, mobilize-around or take-action-on.

Honest to Pete. I'm keeping my eye on Uganda, NOM & Arizona while we're waiting for Judge Walker to rule on Prop 8 so we can get back to work doing what we need to do restore marriage equality here in California. AND I've got a full time job here at All Saints Church (turning the human race into the human family.) Oh yeah -- and trying to "have a life" in the meantime. My dance card is pretty darned full.

And now we have to take on Target.


I love Target. I love that I can go there and get toilet paper, dog bones, geraniums AND a throw rug for the guest room. And some popcorn. And there's parking. And plenty of shopping carts.

But I don't love that they have donated $150,000 to "MN Forward" -- a group that says it's committed to "Creating Jobs. Right Here. Right Now." (which sounds fine) -- and supports someone named Tom Emmer for Governor. (which does not)

That would be the Tom Emmer who authored legislation prohibiting same-sex marriage AND civil unions. The Tom Emmer who supported a Christian punk rock band that advocated killing gay people -- because "it's Biblical."

As my brilliant partner said in her post on Walking With Integrity:
One thing is clear, you can't say you are pro-gay and then support anti-gay politics. You can't take our hard earned money and then give it to an anti-gay politician and expect us to keep coming back. We enjoyed the bargains we got at Target but frankly, my family can't afford to shop there anymore.
Nope. We can't. So I'm gettin' my geraniums at Armstrong's, my dog bones at PetSmart and if I want popcorn, I'll pop it myself.

In closing, here's a comment from the Boycott Target Facebook page that kind of says it all:
"I love the people in my life more than anything I can buy in this store."
And let the people say, "Amen."



The HRC (Human Rights Campaign) at their site at also point out that Best Buy has made a $100,000 contribution to Minnesota Forward, too. They should also be held accountable.

RevSharon said...

I have just found your blog (by googling Howard Thurman's Christmas poem, actually) and have enjoyed your posts. You inspire me to remember what I like about being clergy and about being part of the Jesus way. Thank you!


Aren't you sweet? Thanks for the cheerleading ... and isn't it great when we get reminded how much we love what we do and what a privilege it is to do it? (And love, love, love Howard Thurman!)
Blessings, Susan+