Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Recalculating" -- Proper 11C, All Saints Church, Pasadena

It's good to be back at All Saints and it was good to be back in the pulpit this morning.

I really had fun putting this sermon together ... and was amazed that Keith (our communication director) already has it up on video on the All Saints website. Text is "Coming Soon" ... I preached from notes rather than a manuscript so that'll take a little more work to "fill in the blanks."


Point of Order said...

A truly brillient sermon! Well done.

Unknown said...

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LGMarshall said...

I enjoyed 'Recalculating' sermon... thanks to you, I look at my GPS in a wholly different light! [it use to give me hives--cause it led me to dead ends, and caused lots of arguments in the car.] But I like how you calmly depended on it and trusted it.. [using the God analogy you introduced].

I like that 'Community' is how we Recalculate and I think that's true to a certain extent.... but thinking about it, Recalculating my Life comes from Faith alone. As much as I love my church community, I cannot depend on them entirely, sometimes they frustrate me and disappoint me, and I them x2.

I love the Destination of the Journey... Heaven, Jesus' arms.

I know God is forgiving when we lose our way, and when we mess up. I depend on his forgiveness the most. I know he doesn't mind if we don't Recalculate every 25 miles... it's OK. It's like the 6 year olds on the baseball field, who sometimes run the bases wrong, or stop to pick up a bug or flower, or get confused which team they're on. At the end of the day, He only wants us to call him Father. A one time decision, is all the recalculating he asks for.