Monday, March 05, 2007

Chess, anyone?

More and more it seems to me that we are engaged in a global game of chess in which the gay and lesbian baptized have been cast in the role of pawns.

It is not a role that suits -- either the gay and lesbian baptized or the Gospel.


John Gibson said...

Ya think? As a rule, "follow the money". Who do you think has been underwriting the exclusionists for all these years?

Elizabeth Kaeton said...


I've been saying this since "Jump Street."

Our Katherine is a reputed Chess wiz and it shows. She most certainly knows her way aroung Kings, Queens, Bishops and pawns, and how to use them strategically to her advantage.

Which, I hasten to add, is not necessarily a bad thing.

It takes nerves of steel, a spirit of adventure, and a keen intellect to win at chess.

Our Katherine scores high marks in all three areas.