Monday, March 12, 2007


Do NOT miss Louie Crew's sermon -- "Come no closer!" -- preached yesterday at St. Thomas', Washington DC and just posted to his "Do Justice" series.

Trust me.

Just do it.

here ... and read it.
And give thanks for the faithful witness of this saint of God whose constant refrain of "Joy, anyway!" is like unto a balm in Gilead!


Ann said...

It will make your eyes leak.

David Ould said...

with the greatest respect to Louie, it can hardly be called a sermon, can it? There's a passing reference to scripture, the words of which he has to change in order to make his point. Then the only exegesis is that of old english, not the original Hebrew of Exo. 3.

He might as well have not referred to the Bible, his sermon was certainly not derived from it. Why not just make speeches? It would be more transparent.

Anonymous said...

Louie Crew, your sermon is overwhelming, full of love, faith, hope and an inspiration. Also, spiritual and speaks to the heart and soul of what Christianity is and should be. Thank you.

Aghaveagh said...

What an extremely moving sermon.

Rev. Susan, some of your parishioners visited us at Holy Family this past Sunday. They were wonderful! When are you going to come???

They brought cookies.

Trey said...

I attended St. Thomas last week and heard Louie Crew speak. It was one of the most powerful sermons I've ever heard and there were plenty of teary eyes (mine included) when it was done. Not a sermon? Love, faith, hope, forgiveness, redemption? Aren't those Christ's lessons to us? Isn't that what we should all be striving for? Do we always have to proclaim Christ's message using the bible? Tell me how that's not a sermon?