Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Moderator Who Would Be King

Bookmark this one in case you ever need a quick exemplar of the word "hubris" ... Moderator Bob has issued a "pastoral letter" which stimulated this comment from Daily Episopalian Jim Naughton:
I don't want to ruin my evening by commenting at any length. But, by way of preview, let me say that students of Napolean will be reminded of that grand moment in the Cathedral of Notre Dame when he placed the crown of emperor upon his own head.
And led an email correspondent to quote and note:
"From the earliest days, we in the Anglican Communion Network have known that our vocation is to stand for the Faith once delivered to the saints, in submission to the whole Anglican Communion. "
No wonder I haven't been able to stand talking about our church in recent days. Sigh.
No wonder, indeed!




#1 -- I accidentally hit "reject" instead of "publish" to a handful of comments a few minutes ago so if yours was one of them, mea culpa!


#2 -- For Christopher Johnson: if you want to offer comments on the contents of articles on this blog I'm happy to publish them. If you want to offer ad hominem put-downs of my rector I'm happy to reject them.

Jim said...

I think I may be one of your rejects. I hope not intentionally.

I will repeat that I thank God that I was not hired when I applied for a position in Pittsburg a ways back.