Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Reviews of the House of Bishops "Resolves"

Mark Harris [PRELUDIUM]: It would appear that a majority of the bishops have found a voice, and that voice is standing more clearly in support of a Church that is making important vocational choices. They are also clear that their intention is to continue working with and being part of the life of the Communion in whatever way is possible. The actions of some of the Primates in constantly rejecting the efforts of The Episcopal Church and the House of Bishops of this Church have finally been addressed.
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Jim Naughton [Daily Episcopalian]: If the Primates' "recommendations" were really an ultimatum, then the House of Bishops has said no.
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Bill Carroll [Anglican Resistance]: Three mind of the house resolutions. These seem incredibly hopeful signs on the whole. Thank God, the HOB is finding its backbone. If it weren't Lent, I'd say something that begins with "A."
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+Chris Epting [That We All May Be One] I have rarely been prouder to be a part of the Episcopal Church’s House of Bishops than I was today. With care and sensitivity to one another, we found a way to be clear and self-differentiated as a House, provide leadership and yet seek consultation with the wider Church — clergy and laity — and re-affirm our desire to remain part of the Anglican communion: as an autonomous, yet interdependent reality.
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Matt Kennedy [Stand Firm]: This is perhaps the most admirable and honorable official statement yet from an Episcopalian body. The bishops are bold and forthright. They are to be commended. They have taken their stand. The ideologues have overcome the institutionalists. No more parsing words or peering through the cloud of carefully dense official emissions. We finally have honesty and clarity. Now, at last, we face one another across the lines eye to eye. We ought all take some time this morning to thank the Lord to whom so many of us have prayed for clarity and finality. I believe he has answered our prayers.
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Robert McLean MD PhD said...

The TEC walks apart with KJS at the head. That certainly is a house divided. She called for B033, a "season of fasting", primatial vicar, signed Tanzania communique, etc. Now that the TEC has rejected the AC, will KJS be next?


Point of clarification:


What I have been told is that +Rowan asked EACH of them if they could live with the document. Each person said, "I can live with it." +Katharine says she said, "I will take this back to the House of Bishops."

And that's what she did.

John Gibson said...

No comments yet from the "Dark Side"?

Anonymous said...

With a Primatial Vicar it would have been very hard to continue the abolishment of those that call themselves "orthodox". Now the door is open for TEC to continue cleaning their house of any and all that disagree with their version of Christianity. Ms. Russell and those that helped keeping Father Lawrence from being elected should be commended for the fight they have fought.

Frair John said...

Dan Martins apprently is in a huff because the Bishops didn't lie down and place their necks neatly under the Primatal boot. He seems to think that they were empowered to violate the Cannons and agree to the demands of the Primates.
I do wonder what world these people live in.

Anonymous said...

Dear John,

The "Dark Side" has spoken. You just have to read the Bishops' statement in today's post.