Friday, March 30, 2007

This and That

It's been all-liturgy-all-the-time the last few days -- not surprising given that we'll do twenty-four services at All Saints Church between 7:30 a.m. Palm Sunday and 1:00 p.m. Easter Day and they all go across my desk at one point or the other. Other than a few more readers for Easter Vigil I think we're good to go ... which feels pretty good ... but it took awhile getting there! And then today (my "day off") was the dreaded meet-with-the-tax-guy-because-April 15th-is-looming appointment. So with one thing and the other there hasn't been much blogging going on.

That said, here are a few Friday evening bits and pieces:

If you missed it, here's the link to TEC Deputy for Communication Jan Nunley interviewing Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori about the recently concluded House of Bishops meeting in Camp Allen, Texas.

And here's the link to the sermon I preached last Sunday at Evensong ... me holding forth on things Lenten and things Anglican. A few folks had trouble with the video -- it worked fine for me so I'm not sure what to say about that. Any tekkies out there kindly invited to weigh in! (Note to self: lower the lectern so you're not "peeking over it" next time! :)

There is good news about the draconian legislation criminalizing homosexuality in Nigeria being "stalled" being reported by a number of sources ... Fr. Jake has a good summary here -- and Walking With Integrity has the Condolezza Rice angle here.

And Mark Harris' blog is always a good place to hang out ... I paticularly liked his recent piece on hope and bells and cracks all around -- over at PREDLUDIUM.

Finally, we had the fun of having writer Anne Lamott at All Saints on Thursday night talking about her new book: Grace (Eventually): Thoughts on Faith. I've heard her speak before and love her writing AND love that she has even less patience with the current administration than I do -- and I ran out longer ago than I can even remember. I remember she once that Bush years were like dog years ... every one felt like seven. And boy, hasn't that felt like the truth! (Is anybody else listening to what's going on with the hearings on the justice department firings and thinking it can't possibly get any worse just before it keeps getting worse? Honest to Pete ...)

But I digress. Anne Lamott was, as always, a breath of fresh, faithful air and I commend "Grace (Eventually)" to you.

Here endeth the bits and pieces.


Jim said...

I thought you looked fine with the lecturn set at that height, but I am a guy so what do I know? ;-) The video played fine but it killed my browser when it ended.

The sermon by the way was excellent, thanks for sharing it.


Lisa Fox said...

Helluva sermon, Susan! Thanks for puttting it up on the web.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Susan Russell, you never cease to amaze me. I had planned on attending the Lent Evenson last Sunday, but I was at All Saints all day and tired, this is the first chance I had to listen the day after Palm Sunday, but so grateful I had the honor. Yes the mission of the church is "to bring people to Jesus", and what it means to follow Jesus, and that is what I have always heard from your mouth since 2/2004, when I began attending All Saints. Yes, we must focus on the cross of inclusion and love. If others choose to focus on sex, hate, discrimination against anyone, gender, race and so on then that is there cross and between them and God. I also choose to follow Jesus, as being gay is just a bit of who I am. First I am a human being, a child of God and a follower of God. I love the TEC, the others can leave and we will still love and serve Our Lord, carry our cross, follow Jesus, fight for peace and justice. Thanks for your beautiful sermon. Peace, sister, carry always do...God Is.