Thursday, March 22, 2007

In the News ...

EPISCOPAL LIFE has launched their new website ... check it out here and bookmark it for "breaking news!"

STEPHEN BATES is commenting on the recent House of Bishops statements on the Guardian online ... check that out here ... but here's his concluding query:

Will the archbishop go and speak to the Americans, or has he heard enough? He knows that without the US and its the Anglican communion, will struggle to survive financially. He often wrings his hands and bemoans his fate, wondering why everyone is so nasty to him. Williams might do well to reflect that it is not the liberals who are demanding that their opponents be flung out of the church, and that maybe he should, for once, listen to what they have to say before they go. If Paris was worth a Mass, then the future of the Anglican communion should be worth at least an air ticket.

PS: Note to the Americans: he is used to going first class.


USA TODAY here ...


and the NEW YORK TIMES here ... (with a quote from Fr. Jake!)

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