Saturday, March 17, 2007

Some Lenten Reflections

Just a few diverse offerings of mid-Lenten Reflections for a Saturday morning:

Fr. Jake is giving up blogging for Lent but has offered an "Open Thread" for the 3rd Sunday in Lent ... click here

The wildness of this particular Lenten wilderness is the theme of the cover article on this week's "Saints Alive" -- the weekly newsletter from All Saints, Pasadena ... click here

And the utter lack of a Lenten discipline is the focus of the most recent post over at Harvey & Luna ... click here for that


Anonymous said...

A beautiful Lenten reflection, beautiful icon/picture/art and Luna please forgive her, her reading tutor has been out to lunch and she did not realize it was our lenten booklet.

Renee in Ohio said...

Not sure if it's of interest, but I've posted some reflections at my blog after learning about Daniel Tammet, who was featured on 60 Minutes and elsewhere due to his savant skills. The connection for me is that he, like my son, has Asperger's Syndrome. From a review of his book at Amazon, He also writes some of the clearest prose this side of Hemingway; he tells his story with such concentration, precision, and simplicity that his familial poverty, schooling as a "mainstreamed" student, self-realization as gay, and embracing of Christianity prove as enthralling as they are, ultimately, normal.

I look forward to reading his book. In my post I have more links about him.