Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bits & Pieces for a Thursday Morning

Seizing the few minutes between meetings to do a quick web-prowl, found this wonderful "Picture Worth 1000 Words" from the ever-clever Dave Walker:


Also of notes was the launch of a new website for the Chicago Consultation:

The group’s principal focus is on strategies for advancing the inclusion on GLBT people in the sacramental life of the Church while resisting further discrimination, particularly as the Communion prepares for the Lambeth Conference of Bishops (a once-every-ten-years gathering of all Anglican bishops) in July-August 2008 and the General Convention of the Episcopal Church (the national decision-making body of the Episcopal Church) in summer 2009.

Goals Include:

  • To strengthen the movement toward the blessing of same sex relationships.
  • To advance the inclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians in all orders of ministry.
  • To strengthen the Anglican Communion’s witness against racism, poverty, sexism, heterosexism, and other interlocking oppressions.

Check out the great resources in its "Making the Case" section and bookmark this one for future reference!

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