Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sexism at All Saints on Sunday

Beauty Bites Beast!

We're thrilled to welcome our friend, Ellen Snortland, to the All Saints Church Rector's Forum this Sunday -- June 22nd -- at 10:15! Be there or be REALLY sorry you missed it!

As Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama emerged as front runners in the presidential primaries, it was easy to be grateful for the strides that were made because of the Civil Rights and Women’s liberation movements in this country in the ‘60s. And yet, as some voters asked themselves which Democratic candidate would be better qualified to face a Republican opponent in the fall, they asked themselves, which runs deeper in our psyches, racism or sexism?

Writer and documentary film maker Ellen Snortland reflects on the impact the recent primary season had on her as a leader whose work focuses on freeing women to claim the liberation, respect, and power every person deserves. Her book and film Beauty Bites Beast is the fruit of her work as a tireless advocate for women and girls, and the need to equip everyone to be physically safe.

A regular columnist for the Pasadena Weekly and frequent contributor to Ms Magazine, she has a law degree from Loyola, and has produced a one-woman show, Now That She’s Gone, a comic memoir about growing up Norwegian American in the Midwest. A clip from her film will be shown and copies of her book will be available.

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Rev. David Justin Lynch said...

I read her bio and her columns and my reaction is WOW! This lady has her act together! Her attitude towards life is like my that of wife in many ways. However, no person is an island. I wonder if she has any kind of family--spouse, dogs, etc.--and what is the role of God in her life, if any? We all need someone to cuddle and we can't leave out God.