Thursday, June 19, 2008

How Gay Marriage Threatens Heterosexual Marriage


Jim said...

I see a reality show in our future: gay eye for the straight wedding. ;-)

Want to bet that the show will be banned in Nigeria?


David said...

like I've said all along...
the only real threat to gender--discordant marraiges are between their own two ears!

just a thought


uffda51 said...

The biggest threat to my marriage is the driver (of either sex) of the black SUV going 85 MPH in the next lane, slurping a latte, while on a cell phone with tech support, attempting to find out why the DVD player isn't working.

Paul (A.) said...

The biggest threat in California seems to be the county clerks who have decided to stop issuing all marriage licenses.

But that's sort of a self-imposed affliction with intended consequences to straight people. Would they similarly refuse to issue death certificates in the wake of a major earthquake?