Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"Film at Eleven"

The news truck was out front today ... and may be back tomorrow when Mel White and Gary Nixon become our first-to-be-married-at-All Saints-in-the-new-world-of-marriage-equality ... and here's the story they told on Channel 4 at 6 & 11:

Clergy affected by same-sex marriages

"For some spiritual leaders, performing a same-sex wedding ceremony means as much to them as it does to the couples joining in marriage."


The reporter didn't get it quite right ... I am not "the" pastor here and I am NOT presiding tomorrow ... (the rector is!) ... but I will be there rejoicing with Mel and Gary ... and then on Thursday with Susan and Bear, and then ...
(The reporter did get THAT part right: we're a little busy right now!)


Unknown said...

"The PASTOR of All Saints' Church"? Has there been a coup? Does Ed know?



Another thing the reporter didn't get right ... you can TELL them "Senior Associate" and even give them your CARD ... but when the camera's rolling they say the words they know and that seems to be "pastor."

Whatever. At least they spelled my name right! :)