Friday, June 27, 2008

Good News from Presbyterian Land!

As reported on Walking With Integrity:

Today, the 218th General Assembly of the PCUSA voted against discrimination by voting 54% to 46% in favor of providing spiritual and ordination equality for LGBT Presbyterians.


Meanwhile, this week's PBS "Religion & Ethics Weekly" includes this story about one of the weddings last week at All Saints Church here in Pasadena ... the marriage of two retired Presbyterian ministers ...

... blogged on here last week under "One More Happily Ever After Story."

Not a bad week at work in the Fields of the Lord, eh?

And now we're gearing up here for a visit from our favorite Bishop of New Hampshire ... who will be preaching at 9 & 11:15 on Sunday at All Saints (as well as speaking in the between-services-Rector's Forum) AND giving a presentation for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Saturday night. Check one ... or ALL ... of them out if you're in the neighborhood!

And hug a Presbyterian if you see one ... spread the joy!

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