Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bits & Pieces

Some bits and pieces for the New Year:

My Christmas Eve sermon -- "Hope Happens" -- is up online on video now.


If you watched Ed Bacon on Oprah and have a question for him -- or for any of the other panelists -- you can click here and send one for them to answer on the live webcast scheduled for next Wednesday, January 14th. Here's mine:

My question is for Ed Bacon: How do you answer those who ask, “How can you say ‘God made you gay’ when the Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination?”

I myself am a lesbian who is also an Episcopal priest, so I believe you’re absolutely right. But I also know there are so many viewers who have only heard the Bible used as a weapon of discrimination and judgment rather than a tool for inclusion and love. I would love to be able to hear you expand on your statement “God made you gay” in light of your spiritual wisdom and theological training. Thank you!


Also "in the news" is this yet-another "Through the Looking Glass" moment over in the Diocese of Fort Worth ... wherein the former bishop of the diocese -- having left the Episcopal Church and all -- is now taking umbrage at what he calls the Episcopal Church being "disruptive in the life of our diocese. "

What did The Episcopal Church do to "be disruptive?" What it ALWAYS does at this very time of year: sent out the parochial report forms to congregations to fill out and return.

Keep your eye on Katie Sherrod's blog for further developments and DO keep the Episcopalians of Fort Worth in your prayers as they prepare for their special convention on February 7th and look forward to a new era of mission and ministry in their little corner of the kingdom.


Finally, if you missed Rachel Maddow on John Stewart last night, check this out:


Cany said...

I, like Rachel, don't have a TV... LOL.

Thanks so much for posting this. I love both her and John though (and don't throw things!) Rachel's frequent need to be "talked down" is nerve wracking.

Fr Craig said...

whatever happened to the alternative inaugural prayer movement? I am doing a 24 hour prayer vigil prior to inauguration, and would love some help...

IT said...

My beloved and I love Rachel Maddow. We also find her very attractive ;-)

Fr Craig, check out the website Alternative Invocation.

pasadenapio said...

I enjoy your blog. Thanks for keeping us posted on important matters such as these (and for the funny video moment!).

JCF said...

EVERYBODY hearts Rachel! [I wish she felt free to wear her adorkable glasses on her own show, but it's my understanding that The Suits at MSNBC banned 'em. 8-/]